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    Looking for recommendations on data append companies

    Lisa Barnstein

      Hi Marketo Users,

      We're considering using a data append or lead enhancement vendor to help us build our email database prior to importing our leads from our CRM system. Anyone have any thoughts to share? Thanks so much, lisa b

      PS: I saw one list from a July post but figure if you've used any others, including Synthio. (Content below - thank you to the community already!).


      Pulled from a July 2017 post





      DNB >> ideal for Company and Hierarchy base data



      Netprospex, etc


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          Josh Hill



          I bet I responded to that earlier post. The vendor you choose depends greatly on what you want to do.

          • Appending Firms can vary by specialty and their real lead sources. Some firms do great at Org Charts (DiscoverOrg); scraping data off the web; doing direct phone verification, opting in; using DNB data to have single source of truth for Account/Company level detail and industry hierarchies....etc.
            • TechStack Firms may be good at scraping the web and other sources for visibility into kinds of solutions they have or need.
            • Research firms may be good at scraping and researching key Firm Lifecycle Events that may be relevant to a purchase of your services.
            • Verification or Contact firms will try to sell emails or phone numbers/direct dials and those have a variable success rate. Outside of the US, some of this practice is illegal, so be careful to know how their info is sourced.
            • Firms like TechTarget will help you look at intent data and buying teams to target Accounts more effectively with third party data.
          • Firms like Lean Data and RingLead are more about process -- matching data, merging it properly, and helping Account level detail. They may leverage other firms (or your firm of choice) to normalize data.


          If you happen to have a good data analyst on your team, then you can ask your suitors to send sample matching data against your real database to look at match %. I recall many folks here would do this with Data.com and get FAR less than Data.com advertised. Again, it really depends what you want to do with this data.