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    Email Campaign performance - Marketo to SFDC campaign reporting

      We currently execute our email campaigns from Marketo and sync to salesforce so that we track all leads/contacts who receive our campaigns.  However, I am looking to pass over marketo email campaign performance to Salesforce campaigns for reporting purposes. We want to have Salesforce as our main base for reporting. Is there a way to pass over open rates, clicks etc to Salesforce from marketo? 

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          Andy Caron

          Hi Jason,

          If you sync every Marketo program to a SFDC Campaign, and then build reports and dashboards off of those campaigns that visualize how the emails performed you could come close, but I'm not sure why you'd want to do all that set-up for something rather clunky and high maintenance that Marketo already does in a native fashion (even if they're not perfect). Is there a business case for having it live inside of SFDC?

          Alternative, you have great options like Tableau and DOMO for pulling and sythesizing all that data which might produce a better result.

          Follow up question, have you explored the pre-release information on Marketo's new reporting dashboards for Email Insights? It might be the answer you're looking for if current Marketo reports aren't cutting it. (There's a reason they're being replaced...)

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              Hi Andy, 


              Completely agree with you on this. However, since we do a large majority of reporting out of SFDC im looking to see if it is possible we can push for all reporting to come from SFDC.  And if so how this can be done.


              Syncing Marketo programs to SFDC campaign - we do sync the campaigns however I do not see total delviered, total sent, opens, clicks etc.  Also Campaign member statuses change quite frequently as sales reps make updates to these contacts since they tend to be based off events a majority of the time.  Otherwise by default the member status is 'sent'.


              I have not explored the pre-release reports yet so will look into that. Thanks! 

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                  Andy Caron

                  If you create the SFDC campaign and then sync then that is what you'll see. If you create the SFDC Campaign from Marketo at time of sync:

                  Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 4.31.06 PM.png

                  ... then your statuses will match in both the SFDC campaigns and Marketo programs. Once the program and campaign are linked, when the statuses in Marketo update, they will update in SFDC.


                  Note* For an email send program no one be making update except Marketo. However, for something like a conference, a rep changing a person to "registered" would likewise update them in the Marketo program and run all associate triggers.