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    Survey Integration Tools

      Does anyone know of any good survey tools that integrate with Marketo?  We currently use Survey Monkey but want to be able to add scoring to our Marketo programs for people attending events like webinars and tradeshows that fill out surveys for additional sales and marketing follow ups.


      Any insight would be appreciated.

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          Andy Caron

          Hi Lisa,

          You can either use a survey provider OR you can build the survey in Marketo. A unique form for the survey can be used inside of Marketo, giving you full transparency to their answers. I'll provide more details below. Alternatively, here are some survey providers, many of whom have robust integrations with Marketo:



          I personally like Survicate, but one of the others might be a better fit for you. Let me know which direction you end up going in.


          Building out survey's directly in Marketo:
          Create Survey_Temp fields for your answers. This allows you to re-use.Example:





          Create a score field for Surveys"

          Survey Score


          Add your survey fields to a form. Change the label, field type, display and system values for fields that are pick lists and place on your page.


          Set up your smart campaigns to listen and respond. A trigger campaign "Fills out Form" should give you what you need. Add a Webpage constraint if you're going to use the form in multiple places.

          Your flow step would then look something like this:

          Please ignore "Person Score", but you get the idea. Use your Survey Score to rank final results across multiple questions, send triggered emails based on results, add to lists, etc. Use the token values of these fields to write into a single notes field. Change Data Value: Notes: Question 1: {{lead.survey_temp01}},  Question 2: {{lead.survey_temp02}},  Question 3: {{lead.survey_temp03}}

          You can also use a second smart campaign to change their program status based on the survey score. Finally NULL out all values used so that you can use all the fields again.

          Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 4.24.40 PM.png

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            Veronica Holmes

            Hi Lisa

            I (literally) wrote a long paper on how Marketo and Survey Monkey integrate with campaign examples including using specific survey responses in lead scoring programs - there is an integration tool out there that Survey Monkey sells but it isn't cheap. If you do invest in it, drop me a private message and I'd be happy to share my Survey Monkey integration and campaigns guide with you (or anyone).

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              Robb Barrett

              If it's not for analytic purposes and more for informing Sales, this is where having temp fields in your database can be very useful.  My company has 20 temp fields that can be used for anything and we have a batched workflow that clears them after 30 minutes of inactivity. During that 30 minutes, you can have a workflow that writes the responses into a note field, such as:


              {{system.datetime}} {{program.name}} -

              Did you like the webinar? {{my.Temp Field 1}}

              What would you like to see in future webinars? {{my.Temp Field 2}}

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                Marta Kaczmarek

                Hi Lisa,


                If you're still looking for surveys for Marketo, I'd suggest you checking out LaunchPoint. There are a lot of survey options (I work at Survicate and invite to to check it out, but there are of course a lot of other options.)