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    How many times a campaign was triggered

    Eva Yu

      Is there anyway to report on how many times a campaign was triggered during a time frame?


      We use a smart campaign to qualify leads (new and old) on a field A value change. All leads can run through the campaign every time.

      smart lists: (any)

      1. new leads with a value in Field A

      2. old leads have a change of value in Field A


      flow actions: add to a MQL lists

      change program status

      change lead status to MQL


      Now I want to run a report on how many times the campaign was triggered within a month, so I can cover both new leads and old leads.

      Some old leads may have already become MQL and member of the smart campaigns so I cannot get an accurate number by running report on the status change.


      Please share if you have any thoughts and ideas, thanks!