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Stopping Inconsistent Data Syncing with Salesforce

Question asked by Yasmin-Lee Collins on Sep 15, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2017 by Josh Hill

Hello Community,


A couple of questions in this one...


We're thinking of ways we can stop any inconsistent data (which is inputted via a webform from a lead or uploaded by our marketing/sales team) syncing across to Salesforce -  stopping any spelling mistakes, abbreviations etc getting sent across to SFDC.


We researched a few ideas:


1) Creating validation rules within Salesforce which Marketo will respect.

- However I am unsure if this means if a lead inputs data incorrectly, it's stopped from syncing with SFDC but than remains 'incorrect/inconsistent' within Marketo


2) Creating drop down fields in Marketo forms so leads can only select the data we have provided - therefore keeping it consistent with Salesforce.

- This could mean uploading an awful lot of data and we would run the risk of excluding information and losing out on the correct data. For example - a job title is Applied Technology Manager but the only options close to this provided in the drop down are Marketing Manager/Digital Marketing Manager.


3) Always having the pre-filled form option so leads never need to re-submit their data

- Although if the lead has a change in job title or surname than the data submitted could be incorrect if entered whilst in a hurry OR the lead may not have provided us with this information so will need to manually input their data.


I wondered if anyone has come across this problem before, if you've used any of the above as solutions and it's worked or if you have come across this before and used a different method to solve it.


We did also think about building smart lists which would run in the background and standardise any data as it comes in, does anyone have an idea of how we could go about setting this up if this could be an option?


Any help is always appreciated!