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    Migration to Marketo, and sunsetting old platform

    Kirstin Mahoney

      Hello Marketo Community!


      I’m a first-timer in terms of posting here, so I’m hoping you’ll all be nice. ;-)


      We’ve been in a very slow-and-steady, meticulous migration from our current email platform to Marketo, but we just received notice of termination of service which means we now have urgency around completing the migration in full, as well as archiving and exporting all data. We are still waiting to hear about the process and availability of a potential extraction but we know, at a minimum, we will need such things as documentation of unsubscribes, deliverability and engagement with required operational emails (updated privacy laws, etc) but are there other things we should be demanding?


      We were ready to move to a more advanced platform – so emails, templates, images aren’t our biggest concern – but to only have 50 days to extract all of the data & leads definitely feels overwhelming. Does anyone have suggestions or experiences with something like this?


      Thank you in advance Community!