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    Custom SFDC Task Activity for scoring

    Carson Morford

      We have a comprehensive scoring system in place that both scores leads up based on good behavior and decays leads' scores based on a lack of activity. Our lead scoring works in conjunction with our lifecycle model, which we use to populate SDR queues. We are implementing a new SDR dialer right now that allows SDRs to mark a general disposition and sentiment after each call.


      Our decay program is set up to decrease leads' scores based on no interesting moments, which unfortunately aren't being created from the SDRs' activity in the new dialer. We are not able to score leads up for good calls or clicks in sales emails and are thus not able to create interesting moments, resulting in leads decaying when they are actually being worked.


      Does anyone know any way to sync custom SFDC activity on the task object over to Marketo to allow us to create interesting moments for leads and score them up as they are being worked?