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    Adwords integration - authorization fails

    Erik Hagberg


      I've tried to find others with the same issue, but haven't found any similar discussions on the forum.

      We've been trying to integrate Marketo with Adwords with the Launchpoint service for some time, without success. We do have an open support case, but Marketo hasn't been able to solve this yet, over a month since the case was opened.


      We're looking to integrate with our MCC, since we have approx. 10 active accounts within it. However, I keep getting this error message, every single time.

      Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 21.01.53.png

      I've done all the obvious things, such as making sure the user is admin in the MCC, being logged in into only one google account in the browser, tested different browsers and computers, tested with an external private gmail account as admin etc. I have also made sure the MCC account is administrative owners to all accounts.


      When testing to integrate with a google account that only has access to one Adwords account, it works though.


      Does anyone have any ideas of what might cause this?