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    Adwords integration - authorization fails

    Erik Hagberg


      I've tried to find others with the same issue, but haven't found any similar discussions on the forum.

      We've been trying to integrate Marketo with Adwords with the Launchpoint service for some time, without success. We do have an open support case, but Marketo hasn't been able to solve this yet, over a month since the case was opened.


      We're looking to integrate with our MCC, since we have approx. 10 active accounts within it. However, I keep getting this error message, every single time.

      Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 21.01.53.png

      I've done all the obvious things, such as making sure the user is admin in the MCC, being logged in into only one google account in the browser, tested different browsers and computers, tested with an external private gmail account as admin etc. I have also made sure the MCC account is administrative owners to all accounts.


      When testing to integrate with a google account that only has access to one Adwords account, it works though.


      Does anyone have any ideas of what might cause this?

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          Frank Geldof

          Hi Erik,

          I have had the same problems multiple times. Last year I reached out to support and they - eventually - responded they've identified an issue with Google Adwords integration error and it was escalated to the Engineering team to troubleshoot the issue. It took six days to fix.


          The last couple of days we have had the same issues again - so I raised a ticket again with Support. Hope they can identify the issue asap.

          - Frank

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            Carl Ducharme Delafontaine

            Hi Erik,


            I'm having a similar issue. I opened a ticket with Marketo on my side about a week ago and still, nothing has been done. In my case, the Google Adwords integration was working well until July 26th. Ever since, we are receiving a error message in Launchpoint. This happened pretty much at the same time as our version of Adwords was updated to the new Google Ads. The error message was the following :


            Failed[RequestError.UNSUPPORTED_VERSION @ ; trigger:'You are accessing an AdWords API version v201710 that has been discontinued. Calls to this version may fail. Please visit the AdWords API blog for information on migration to the new AdWords API version.']


            We try removing the integration from both Google Ads and Marketo's LaunchPoint. I was able to add it back to Google Ads easily. However, it doesn't let me add it back to LaunchPoint and I received the exact same error message as you are. I'm still waiting for some feedback from Marketo Support.

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              Nikki Roche

              The version of the AdWords API that Google Customer Match integrates with was deprecated (Deprecation Schedule  |  AdWords API  |  Google Developers ). How was Marketo not in front of this? I am getting the runaround from support as well because this was a clear oversight. They are telling me to go to the Google AdWords API to get an update. That suggests integrating Marketo data with BigQuery and then using DataStudio to manage updates. Here is the kicker... no connector available from DS to Marketo so custom code needed. Isn't Google a Marketo user? How could Marketo just remove this feature with it still presnt in the UI so causes support cases and not communicate to users the circumstances surrounding the issue.


              Please go here and vote for Marketo as a data source in hopes they solve this for us: Advanced Connector Search  |  Community Connectors  |  Google Developers


              Also, please reach out to your AM with your frustration around this #fail in hopes it gets escalated internally.