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    Opening a Sent email and becoming the cookie owner = False Positives

    A. Lee Judge

      We just recognized a case in which the salesperson, after sending an email using Marketo Send and Track, went into his Outlook Sent folder and opened the email for review.

      Seemingly, HE then became the owner of the tracking cookie. When we look into the Activity Log of the prospect in Marketo, it matches the web journey of the salesperson!


      To test this, we had the salesperson visit pages on our website. Sure enough, it showed up in the prospects Activity Log.

      First, this activity by the sales person was revealed as email open false positives.

      Now, it is showing as web page view false positives as well.

      All Marketo is telling us is "Don't do that" - in regards to the sales person opening his Sent mail. You can't stop a person from looking in their Sent folder.

      What is a solution for this?