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    Lead Scoring: Clicks Link in Email Max

      Hey there,

      We've got a lead scoring setup that includes "clicks link in email" as a +10, and everyone can flow through at any time.

      Here's our problem: We've got people that will click the same link in an email 30 times in one day (no, I have no idea why) and it's giving them +10 every time. I see a minimum constraint in there but not a maximum. I'd love to be able to say "they can get the points 5 times in one day, but no more" with a scoring rule. What am I missing? Can it be done?

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          Valerie Armstrong
          Hi Kelly,

          You can restrict the number of times the lead can run through the scoring campaign using the qualification rules for the smart campaign. 

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            That's where we're running into the problem - 

            1. We send newsletters that contain at least 5 links once a month and we want them to get credit for clicking each in there, so I can't time-constrict them to only allow them to run through once an hour, I need an actual click max constraint to avoid this: 


            This email had *two* links. :) 
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              Dory Viscogliosi
              Kelly, although it's possible that someone clicked the link quite a few times, it's more likely that it was some type of validation that their email server does. Unfortunately, the solution below won't solve for this issue, if you're experiencing it...

              This would be a workaround, but you could have 5 different campaigns that someone could only run through 1x a day, and the criteria for the first campaign would be clicks 1 link, the second would be clicks any 2 links, the third would be clicks any 3 links, and so on...
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                This would be a bit of a PitA, but... you could add a dummy parameter to each link, on the order of zz=1 and zz=2, etc. For each email, you give each link you want to track a unique number, then you set up 5 campaigns for "contains zz=1" and "contains zz=2" etc.

                The parameter isn't doing anything except triggering the specific campaign.

                And also, I'm fairly new to Marketo, so am not positive this would work, but I think it should.

                And come to think of it, you could come up with a paradigm for what 1, 2, 3, etc. means (or use more obvious names than numbers, but I like to be obscure). So links to "Buy Now" are always tagged with zz=3. That way if someone hits on the zz=3 campaign, you can record that as "clicked on Buy Now link." And since you're scoring on this, you might want to score that higher than "clicked on Feature Article link," right?