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    Brienne Edmonds

      Hey all:

      Me again. So, we have a lead form landing page that Marketo built for us prior to me even starting (which was in March). Now that I have my poop in a group and am beginning to understand things, I noticed that our Newsletter opt-in was not mapped correctly to Salesforce, thus we are not capturing leads that want to receive our newsletter. Annoying right?? Yes, but what is more obnoxious is that I have updated the field to route correctly and now the form is messed up. Here is what I did:


      • Edit Form
      • Updated field to be "Newsletter opt in"
      • made checkboxes so that the checkbox was to the left of the label
      • kept label field blank and updated the checkboxes value to reflect what we want said
      • adjusted field width to make one line
      • hit preview- looks like I want
      • updated landing page with the changes
      • hit preview and we don't see what is on the lead form preview- instead we have NO checkbox and the label reads like this

      i would

      like to





      Did i mention that we have no account manager as ours left about 2 weeks ago so I wouldn't even know who to reach out to there to get them to update the mistake they made? But that doesn't really matter because this group and my email group on FB are way more helpful. Sorry my patience with this is wearing thin.


      Any help you all are able to give I am so grateful for. And yes I know I ask a lot of questions, but like I said I am new and you all have been so wonderful in guiding me to the right answer, so A HUGE THANK YOU to you!