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Discussion created by Anthony Figgins on Sep 12, 2017
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Hello All,


I typically do not post this type of message, however, I thought this was a great way to get a hold of many of my fellow Austinites.


I had the honor to go to Houston Saturday and Sunday and serve those in need. The general feeling I had while down there is; pain, suffering, and Hope. Seeing so many people willing and able to come together regardless of their faith, race or anything is inspiring to behold. I witnessed people in pain of seeing their treasured possessions destroyed to a six year old tearing out his own bedroom sheetrock next to his dad. People were driving around giving water, food, cleaning supplies and anything we needed. It was a great experience to have. [LINK]


My church organized our numbers and sent around 10K volunteers to help. I was stationed around the Katy area and stayed at the Waller High School along with a thousand other volunteers. We were provided a dinner and even watched some football Saturday evening. [LINK]


This area had a range of flooding between 2 to 24 inches. I worked on six homes over the two days I was there. My days were taken up by cutting out soggy sheetrock, taking up flooring, and moving furniture to the curb. The area was just opened up last Wednesday for civilians to go to and other areas are still underwater.


I am very blessed to have a supportive family and work that allows me the ability to serve those in need and I thank you all for it. If anyone would like to serve and do not know how I have a way to do this. My church is once again going down to Houston Saturday and Sunday and looking for any able person ages 12 and up to go regardless of religion. We are all human and that's what qualifies you for the work. We are getting organized into 10 - 20 person crews to go down and tackle these needs.


If anyone would be willing and able to give their time and body this weekend, please fill out this form [LINK]. In the comments section add my name as a referral in order to stay on the same crew. Sleeping arrangments are being made for us as we speak and they are looking to have a final count by Thursday if possible. Once we get assigned to a crew, we will get more information around where we are going and  I would love to have anyone join me in Houston and support those in need.


Thank you all,


Anthony Figgins