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    How can I import into a Multi Picklist field?

    Yifat Danieli

      Does anybody knows how to import from a CSV into a Multi Picklist field?

      I've defined the field in Salesforce to be a Multi Pick List - now what?

      How do I define it in Marketo?

      Which changes do I have to do in my Excel?

      I thought of maybe dividing to columns called by the same field name, would that work? Any best practice for that?

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          Josh Hill

          This is also in the forums.


          Multi Select boxes are defined in Marketo as


          Value 1;Value 2; Value 3


          so you need to use the CONTAINS or actually list out the combinations you want. You must do this as well in the Form. This is one reason I do not recommend Multi Select use in Marketo.


          This also means you need to be careful with list uploads because CSV and semi-colons could get confused by some people. But it should work if you do one column and then use semi-colons inside each "cell".


          if you divide the CSV into separate comma separated columns, you will have problems. I'd run some tests to figure this out for yourself.