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    MSI Questions about access and interesting moments

    Christi Keating

      Hi, we are in the testing phase of utilizing MSI within Salesforce and I am putting together the materials and training documents for our teams. A couple questions have come up that I am having a hard time finding an answer to online and/or my testing has been inconclusive:


      1. Do Interesting Moments need to be created at the program level?

      2. Do we need to create the trigger tokens that Interesting Moments use? If so, where? (e.g. trigger.xyz)

      3. What kind of access does Marketo give to MSI users? For example, if a Salesforce user John Doe is using MSI and he clicks "View this in Marketo" -- does he need a Marketo login? What is the best type of access togrant this user so he can see what he needs to without modifying anything inside our Marketo instance?


      If anyone has any information they can share regarding these, I'd be very grateful. Thank you!