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Its it possible to generate an activity log report for an email campaign?

Question asked by Douglas Meierdiercks on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by Grace Brebner

We've just finish running a campaign test in a Smart Campaign flow where IF Random Sample is 50% Send Email A and default is Send Email B.


The goal of this test was to see if we could influence an activity within our product with this message, but the message action is not tied directly to the activity.


To ensure our results are valid, we only want to view the activity if it took place after they opened the email - our data science team has requested the time date stamp of the Open along with our internal user id which exists on the lead record to they can join that against the user's record in our data warehouse and see if they took the action.


Is it possible to export a report for a specific email that would show:

- Open Time Date Stamp

- Internal User ID

- Email Address