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    Marketo consultant in Paris Area, France

    Grégoire Michel

      Hello Community,


      Looking to work with some of the most experienced Marketo consultants in EMEA ?


      We are currently looking for a Marketing Automation consultant at inficiences partners. Apply here



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          Dan Stevens.

          Hi Greg - welcome back - good to see you active again in the community after what I suspect was a long and well-deserved holiday!  We're in a similar situation as you are.  We're actually looking at outside agencies who can provide Marketo support (preferably MCEs) using a retainer model (a set number of hours we can tap into each month to extend the capabilities of our internal team).  Just today, we had a call with Grazitti Interactive to discuss this.  The conversation went well and their rates are very reasonable (based in India).  If you want to reach out to them, I suggest you connect with Shailendra Pratap