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    Clone a Program - Expect Smart Campaigns to be Cloned and Activated

    Jay Guru



      I want to create a master program, that contains an Email, few smart campaigns(triggered) .

      These smart campaigns are Activated in the master program.


      I want to clone this master program, whenever I want to send a new email campaign.

      Ideally I want the steps to be


      clone the master program

      modify the email, modify the send list(members) and schedule it to send emails.


      but when I clone the program, the smart campaigns that are in the program are cloned in the inactive state.


      so I have to activate the smart campaigns one by one and send the email.


      In case I miss to activate a smart campaign, this will result in missing trigger actions leading to wrong data.


      Is there a way to set this master program in such a way that the smart campaigns in the program, when cloned are by default in active state?


      thanks in advance