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Marketo Sales Insight Questions

Question asked by Alexis Shamsi Hughes on Sep 11, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by Alexis Shamsi Hughes

We're launching Marketo Sales Insight later this month. I wanted to confirm a few items I've seen in the Community and ask some questions to make sure we're ready:


MSI on leads/contacts/accounts/opportunities:

• If a salesperson who does not have a Marketo user account clicks in the Email tab to view an email in Marketo, they will not be able to preview the email, correct?

• How far back in time does the information go for Interesting Moments, Web Activity, Score and Email?

• Can salespeople only see MSI for the people they own or for the entire database? Our salespeople have access to view all account and customer information in Salesforce.

• We have set up to enter a "Sent Sales Email" activity in Salesforce records for any emails sent through MSI. When I click on the Activity Detail, it does not populate the actual email content i.e. "Hi Alexis, Here is my latest offer..." Unfortunately this is not much value if a salesperson cannot keep record of what they actually sent, only the Subject Line!


MSI dashboard:

• What is the default amount of time for Best Bets to be hidden if you hide someone?

• If a salesperson who does not have a Marketo user account clicks to view the web pages visited in the Web Activity tab, will they see the URLs?

• We do not have Salesforce Territories enabled. How can I make Anonymous Web Activity helpful?

• If a user updates the default Anonymous Web Activity view to filter to different Geographic regions, will those changes apply to everyone who accesses MSI? Or will these customized filters apply individually to every user so they customize their default Anonymous Web Activity view to their needs?

• Do Custom Views only apply to the Best Bets tab? I just created a Custom View, and tried to filter the My Email tab to just accounts that fit my Custom View criteria. Nothing happened except the MSI dashboard refreshed back to the Best Bets tab.

• If I click to Subscribe to an alert for a Type of Interesting Moment (i.e. Email), does that mean I'll receive an alert for any Email-related Interesting Moments for all prospects and contacts I own?

• How do I unsubscribe from MSI Text Alerts? They do not come through with an Unsubscribe instruction.


Thanks in advance for your insights.