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    What was your most creative engagement campaign?

      You are hard at work, creating campaigns, engaging with prospects & customers...nurturing your contacts.  Share your most creative engagement program you have setup. 

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          Ashley Ayan

          Curious to find out what others created. Sadly I can not think off any of the campaigns I set up as "Creative"

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            Grace Brebner

            Unfortunately I left my last role before seeing this come to total completion, but I think the test concept was one of the most creative things I built there. It was a slightly unusual business model where we didn't really have a hand off to sales, as there really wasn't a sales team. So the nurture programs would handle a lead through their entire journey - from lead creation to re-re-resell. I had four nurture programs handling two different product types on two different cadences, and, while they were generating good results, they were becoming difficult to scale (at about 12 streams each with ~20 emails in each stream... yeah. You can see why).


            I figured out a way of flipping the whole structure on its head, and instead of programs for product type and monthly/weekly cadences, streams for lifecycle stage, and dynamic content for product subtype, I restructured it into a single program, with streams for cadence, and dynamic content for lifecycle stage, product type and subtype - heavily relying on tokens and very, very careful logic.


            Unfortunately I only managed to finish the initial proof of concept test run before leaving the role, but not only was it more scaleable and condensed, it delivered a much more effective user experience with the two month test run showing a 30% uplift in conversion. Not a bad note to leave on

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              Amanda Thomas

              My most "creative" engagement program was with my previous company where we didn't even use an engagement program. We knew that our team wasn't large enough to offer the most relevant content, event invites, etc. within a static stream. So, we just set up engagement email sets. This allowed us to do one months worth of engagement streams at a time. It was also easy to add event invites into the sets and replace existing emails if needed, without interrupting anyone's flow. We set up one campaign with wait steps to send 1 email wait 2 days send email 2, wait 4 days and send email 3, etc. We found this more flexible than using an actual engagement program.