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    What is your lead nurture strategy?

      Setting up a lead nurture program is not a goal in and of itself. Instead, lead nurturing is a vehicle for your business to get to your overall goals. The key to designing an effective lead nurture program is taking stock of your current lead management processes. By asking the right questions, you will not only uncover opportunities for improvement, but the information will also play a critical role in defining issues of workflow.


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          We're currently building out our first true lead nurturing campaign for leads outside of 100-mile radius of our school. We realized there was a need to nurture these leads since admission reps were so focused on local leads ready to start ASAP.

          In stream 1 of our campaign, we provide leads with valuable information about choosing a college and moving to Hollywood while asking how ready they are to start school in 1-3 months. This helps us to gauge their interest level. Stream 2 focuses on those hand raisers with the goal being to get them to apply. Each email they receive has an apply button along with information as to why attending our school will help them achieve their dream. The last stream is for leads that have submitted an application and are working towards enrollment. We've found that a lot of these leads need the extra help on these last few steps or they fall off the wagon. Each email provides them with step-by-step tips for the enrollment process from how to complete the FAFSA to submitting transcripts and proof of graduation.

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            Amanda Thomas

            When I came on board, we were a little engagement stream happy. We had too many streams running to update in a timely manner. Combining streams now allows us to make sure the most relevant content is going out to our audiences.

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              Brittany Stover

              We are a very product driven company and have 4-5 product lines. When we first started with Marketo we thought that driving people to the products they were most interested in would be the best way to go. Through the years we have learned that we are not trying to sale the solution we are trying to ultimately solve the problem so we shifted our method of nurturing. We now have pain point triggered funnels that help us engage our end-users based on what they are trying to solve. Whether it is a culture shift and needing management buy in or even helping to educate the market, we nurture based on the end user and what they are saying to us. This allows us to talk to 1,000 individuals like we are only talking to 1.

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