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    Form submission alert creates new lead

    Jason Terrell

      I've got a form for updating certain data by the contact.  Not really sensitive data.  Just gives the person a chance to update a couple of minor pieces of information.


      Thanks to help from people here (you know who you are) I was able to get the form working and triggering an alert.


      However, the only information available on the alert seems to be merely the fields on the form.


      When I check the results from the trigger campaign, it seems to be creating new leads, and the leads don't have any linking information to the regular record.


      If I try to use a token such as  {{my.token:default=unknown}} for the contact or a contact token, it returns as blank, not even as "unknown"


      If I use Email Address: {{lead.Email Address:default=unknown}}, it returns "unknown"


      Looking in the database for the created lead, it's got only those fields from the form, even though the created date shows as back in June.


      I'm guessing I could put in a hidden form field with the email address, but this seems like it's a security issue.  Anyone could update someone else's data that way.


      It also seems like it shouldn't be necessary.

      What am I doing wrong?