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Marketo Launchpoint Google AdWords Integration Failed

Question asked by 328d875fe5efc4cf11aead21d9223f8532c78658 on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2018 by Carrie St Clair

Hello Marketo Community,


I was hoping to get some help regarding an integration issue when trying to connect Marketo to Google AdWords as a 'Launchpoint service'.


Unfortunately, during my first attempt at integration, pop-ups were blocked and consequently the systems were not able to integrate successfully.


Despite the apparent unsuccessful integration, Marketo was listed in the 'connected apps' in my Google account, which I subsequently removed in order to go through the integration process a second time.


However, every time I now try to 'Authorize Marketo' when setting up the Launchpoint again, I get a message saying 'oops... something went wrong, please contact Marketo Support' - Marketo becomes listed as a 'connected app' in my Google account, however the two systems are failing to syncronise and I can't seem to progress. I have tried refreshing the page, changing user access levels, logging out and back in again, different broswer sessions - nothing seems to work.


I have contacted Marketo support, however I was also wondering in order to try and resolve this issue, if anybody else out there in the Community has experienced this problem.


Marketo have now added 'ensure pop-ups are enabled' during the process in their guide (Add Google AdWords as a Launchpoint Service with a Manager Account - Marketo Docs - Product Docs ) however, for me, it's a little too late!