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    Delaying completion of a flow until request campaign's flow completes?

    Matt Stone

      I'm assuming the normal behavior of a Request Campaign flow step is to run the requested campaign (Campaign B) in parallel with the campaign that requested it initially (Campaign A)? Is there a way to tell Campaign A to pause its flow until Campaign B has finished its flow?


      Essentially there's dependencies at the end of Campaign A that are only fulfilled by Campaign B finishing. I could add a wait step, though I'd rather avoid it if possible.

      Campaign ACampaign B

      1. Change Data Value

      2. Change Data Value

      3. Request Campaign

      4. Interesting Moment (uses field A)

      1. Change Data Value (field A)


      My main concern is that with high enough traffic, field A will get out of sync with these flows and the interesting moment will be incorrect. Any ideas/suggestions?