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    Bad IP Reputation in Google Postmaster Tools

    Carrie Taylor

      Hello -


      Any Google Postmaster Tools users out there?


      I was checking our IP reputation in postmaster tools and we went from being High for past 120 days to having 2 days with our IP reputation at Bad. I monitor our sends with an inbox placement tool and not seeing any issues. We had send today that indicated 96% inbox placement to gmail and the email went to the inbox for all my test gmail accounts. We only send to engaged records and nothing has changed.


      I have checked the IPs for blacklisting on various sites and not finding an issue there. It is showing Bad for both our dedicated IPs in postmaster tools and they are from different platforms (SendGrid and Marketo). That looked strange to me because we don't usually see a change like that for both. Is anyone else seeing a drastic change like this recently? I am not seeing a change like that in SNDS either. I am hoping it is just some kind of fluke but will continue to dig around on my end.