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Guided landing pages: can't move modules / sections (unlike that of Email 2.0 modules)

Question asked by 7beea51dd0acbb19bb6f5636d00a140eb725afb6 on Sep 11, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2018 by Dave Roberts

I wonder if I'm the only one majorly hindered by this, or if this is something Marketo designed deliberately.


I love how in Email 2.0 templates, module / sections can be added, deleted, duplicated, etc. It makes my job super easy. I just create a handful of modules, then they can be dragged and dropped to create the right email everytime.


This isn't the case for Guided Landing pages. I love how much more we're able to do with Guided Landing pages vs Free Landing Pages. But one thing that bothers me so much is that we can turn a section on or off, but we can't move them around. For example, if I have a Landing Page Template with all the sections I need, but one landing page need one section on above another, I'll need to create a completely new Landing Page Template. Which in restrospect, isn't too bad. I just go into the template, move the code around, and a new template is created.


But from an operational point, those who are working on the landing page content will need to let me know ahead of time the exact modules, elements, and layouts they need. Then I'll need to go and create that new Guided Landing Page template before they can start working on the Landing Page.


How I wish the Guided Landing page section / modules operated the same way as the drag and drop modules of Email 2.0! (maybe someday, Marketo? hint hint)