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    smart campaign stops running?

    Teresa Hsu

      I tried to run a smart campaign to overwrite a field value to about $15K leads in SFDC.

      The smart campaign started yesterday and the whole process seemed to stop after an hour or so and only updated about 250 leads without any error message. 

      I did again about an hour ago.  The same thing happened.  When I look at the result page, only 11 leads got updated.  No error message.  Nothing.  

      Where else could I look to figure out what went wrong?  Thoughts?




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          Rachel Noble

          Hey Teresa,


          Will you look in your campaign queue to make sure there are no leads remaining in that campaign? You can find it by going to Marketing Activities and then clicking on the "Marketing Activities" folder in the left-hand pane.



          Another question: are you sure that all 15k of these leads did not already have that value? Is it possible that the rest of the leads had the desired data value already? Use the search bar in the Results tab to search for "skipped."




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            Teresa Hsu

            Thank you Rachel & Josh!

            I figured out.  There was a bug with our vendor that the field was related to.  When I first ran field updates, the new values were stored in Marketo, but were not reflected in SFDC.  So, when I tried the second time, MKTO recognized those values have already been in there.  However, I don't understand how come MKTO didn't show "Skip" in the results.

            Anyways, I changed the value to a totally different value, pushed to SFDC, and wait for few minutes and changed it back to the value I want it to be.  It all works now.