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    RTP/WP : can we append Marketo data with our own ?

    Grégoire Michel

      In some countries, we have access to web services that can provide a very comprehensive mapping between IP addresses and company information (industry, size, ...)


      Is there a way to dynamically query these web services when someone visits our site and have WP fire some personalization campaigns based on this ?


      I understand that we could use the Custom Data Events or the "User Context" APIs and use these to create segments, but has someone already implemented it and provide some insights ?


      Also, any opinion about knowing in which case should we use "Custom Data Events" ? In which case should we use "User Context" ?


      Thx in advance



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          Marketo Marketo



          Thanks for the idea,


          The challenge here is the real-time (millisecond) matching of IP to company and firmographic data and ability to respond with personalized content without seeing a delay for the end user. So best is to use our data source, with that said we open to enriching and increasing our data ranges and sources if we see it is better data. If you have any other sources for different countries, we can look into it and see if it is worth adding it to our source (send me some of the examples or sources you use (dmyers@marketo.com).


          Also, as you correctly said, using the data events or custom variables (user context) you can send your data to Web Personalization as a visitor hits the website and we can segment and personalize based on this data coming though immediately in real-time.


          Data Events are best use for one off events in the current session.


          User Context, can be used in the current session, but are also stored in local storage, so you can segment based on past visit behavioral or data. Such as, clicking or viewing a web campaign in previous visits or use up to 5 of your own custom dimensions that you save and then can segment by

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              Grégoire Michel

              Hi David Myers,


              Thx for your input on this. I'll loop back with my customer and keep you posted. I understand that, especially in the Netherlands, such databases exist. And I fully measure the key aspect of response time.


              Another way of looking at this is getting an API that would enable us enrich WP database in the background, adding data to custom fields and be able to use this info when the lead comes back. These custom fields could also be shared with MLM so that when the lead becomes known, the info is not lost.


              One the first source I would think of is our own MLM database and its list of inferred IP addresses linked to existing contacts and accounts. Might not be always accurate and complete, but for SMB, it's better than nothing This is also true for account identification in the ABM option, BTW. Of course, usage of this data would be limited to within our own instance of Marketo.


              The second source I would think of are the ISV own databases. Not sure that they would agree to share them, even for money, though, and you probably have thought of this


              Also, it would be great is, when a company is identified, a National ID or a DUNS number could also be brought back. Especially in France, we have a very thorough system of managing national ID's. Every single business has such an ID (called SIREN, made of 9 digits for companies and 5 more digits for establishment), even freelances or doctors. For instance, if you search "siren 521712133" on google, you will find my company. And this is public information, together with the company name and the local equivalent of the SIC (industry) code. This would enable customers to contract with local third parties or with D&B for data enrichment.