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    Using Infer Grades in Scoring Models

    Enget Dang

      Was wondering if anyone had any insight in how they are using Infer in their Marketo instance when it comes to scoring. We currently are using it within our scoring models. For example if a lead completed a form, Infer would attach a grade A, B, C or D to their lead profile depending a set criteria of information (company size, name, etc) that would offer more accurate "best" bets for our sales team to follow-up on. How we have it implemented are that leads who have a grade A would need to have less of a score to MQL than that of a grade B.


      Biggest issue, it seems leads are becoming an MQL way to early and being recycled by Sales. Does anyone do something to the same effect or use Infer differently where they've had great success for Marketing and Sales?


      FYI, Infer Grades were implemented before I came on board and just want to get a better understanding of its different use cases. Thanks!

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          Sydney Mulligan

          Hi Enget!


          This is a really interesting use case for Infer. I have seen similar issues with premature scoring (MQLs constantly being recycled by sales) even without Infer. I would suggest 2 things:

          • Look at your behavior scoring model. Are you weighting certain behaviors too heavily compared to your MQL threshold? Think through a few scenarios of how someone might MQL (ex: if they are a Grade A, all they'd have to do is read 1 blog and download 1 asset to MQL. Do those behaviors really make them ready to talk to sales?)
          • Consider adjusting your MQL threshold. It seems like it is too low. Just because someone is a more qualified buyer for you, doesn't mean they are ready to talk to you sooner. Then again, it can be difficult to convince sales teams of that logic

          Good luck!

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            Enget Dang

            Great feedback Sydney Mulligan! Let the discussion with Sales ensue!