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    Best way of limiting Salesforce records from going to Marketo

    Tom Hauervig



      I am currently looking into limiting salesforce records from going into Marketo. We have a lot of private person records and contact persons that are not relevant for marketing purposes which we do not need in Marketo. All leads form Salesforce will still go into Marketo


      As far as I can read on the community then there are two ways of doing this and I am trying to decide which would be the best approach


      1. One is to implement a sync to Marketo checkbox and have Marketo support use that as a filter in the back end and then we can use different rules in Salesforce to populate this field as true.
      2. The other is to prevent the Marketo Sync user in Salesforce from seeing the record via sharing rules in Salesforce.


      What do I need to think about in order to choose the best solution? Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated