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    Random sample question about excluding people in previous send

    Jamie Dombrady



      I'm newer to Marketo and hoping someone has an idea or two for me to test for an upcoming send I need to complete.


      I have a list of 100K+ leads and want to send in batches to test the subject line and time of day. I set-up my Smart List to pull the leads from a campaign that was sent last year and added the random sample filter to take 16% of the leads and sent Email 1. When I went to set-up Email 2 (after the first one was deployed), the system seemed to be pulling a very similar lead list (some duplicates were in my campaign members list). I've been doing some research through the Marketo docs and the community and I think I understand now how to set-up the random sample initially (should have researched more yesterday ) but now I feel like I'm stuck.


      I have my smart campaign set-up with flow steps of:

      • Choice 1 - random sample is 33% - add to static list a
      • Choice 2 - random sample is 33% - add to static list b
      • Choice 3 - default (to capture the remaining leads) - add to static list c

      >> How do I add a step to ensure those that received my email yesterday are removed from the above lists?


      Also note: I have different emails for each send.


      I've tried to add a flow step and/or a smart list filter to remove contacts that had a program change status of "Sent Email" but my existing leads set to be affected were not adding up so I know this wasn't accurate. Another thought I had was to export the list and comb through to remove those that were sent Email 1 yesterday but I know that's not efficient because I have so many contacts. I'd like to keep everything within Marketo instead of working through Excel.


      Let me know if additional information should be shared to assist in helping! Thanks so much!