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    Engagement Program membership

    Tim Ball

      Hi everyone,


      I have a number of engagement streams running which a lead gets assigned to depending on which form and area of interest they subscribe to on our various websites.


      I want to make the nurture stream exclusive in that a lead can only be on one engagement program at a time. Each engagement program only has one linear stream so there are no transition options.

      If a lead is a member of a program and fills in a new form i want that lead to be pushed off the existing stream and moved to a new defined program.

      If I use a form fill trigger and test if a lead is currently a member of any engagement program and then on the flow step just assign to the new engagement program will that work or am I missing something, it seems overly simple ( which is certainly not a problem!)



      with a flow step of:



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          Dan Stevens.

          We use a similar approach in our environment.  When someone engages with specific, campaign-related content on our site, we assign them an "area of interest" code.  That code then determines which EP they are added to.  Should they engage with content aligned to another campaign, we pause them in the current EP and add them to the current one.  Here's the campaign that manages this for members of the each EP:




          You never want to remove them if they're already members as this will affect reporting.

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            Tim Ball

            Thanks Dan that is useful to know we are on the right track.