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    Experiences of Chili Piper for meeting scheduling?

    Cassie Holmes

      Hi all


      We're currently looking into tools that will allow us to schedule meetings with leads at specific dates/times through Marketo emails/LPs. We've come across Chili Piper (www.chilipiper.com) which seems to fit the bill. Does anyone have any experience using this? Was it good/bad/easy to implement? Could you suggest any better alternatives?


      Look forward to hearing your thoughts,



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          Josh Hill

          What are your needs? That should determine your choice.

          I can say that we are looking at Chili and it seems to  be better than TimeTrade for what we want.

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            Carl Landers

            Hi Cassie,

            We have been using Chili Piper successfully for months now with our SDRs and account executives, and we are deploying it on Marketo landing pages as we speak. Even our Customer Success team is using the solution to book meetings with existing customers.

            We selected Chili Piper for our sales teams because of the seamless integration with Salesforce. With Chili Piper, when prospects book a meeting, they don't have to re-enter their contact info if they're already a lead/contact in SF, thus making it a much better experience for them. For our reps, the meetings are automatically logged in SF and on their calendars. Many solutions do that, but Chili Piper goes the extra step by providing a rescheduling link in their meeting invites, so when the prospect can't make a meeting, they can easily reschedule with no human intervention. Our team loves that.

            In terms of use with Marketo, Chili Piper has released a very nice integration. You can now open up an appropriate scheduling window after a lead submits a form just by doing some configuration in CP and dropping some javascript on your landing page. In our use case, if the lead meets some basic qualification criteria determined in real time from their form submit, we bring up a scheduling page where the lead can book a meeting directly with one of our inbound SDRs, bypassing the whole "someone will get in touch with you shortly to schedule that demo" runaround. It's a smart step to remove that extra bit of friction between interest and live conversation.

            I've really enjoyed working with the CP team. They are super responsive, listen to feedback and new ideas, and quickly deploy new capabilities to meet your needs. Their entire focus is on helping B2B sales and marketing teams be effective and aren't distracted by also trying to build a scheduling solution that works for dentists and massage therapists.

            I would give them a try.



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              Nicholas Manojlovic

              It always seem like a good sign when you see the vendor using a Marketo form on their website.

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                Sydney Mulligan

                I've used Chili Piper as a person scheduling and it was a good experience to me. I will say I have used TimeTrade and really do not recommend it. Unless they have made MASSIVE improvements to the product in the last 2 years, the UI is clunky, it's difficult to manage, it doesn't integrate with Marketo, and it's really really expensive.

                If you're interested in evaluating a more worthy competitor, I have had very good experiences with Calendly and it is really affordable. I am not sure what Chili Piper's pricing is, but I'm sure it's more. Calendly is like $10/month or something like that. Then again, I think Chili Piper has a lot more features than Calendly too.

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                  George Hoffman

                  Hi Cassie!


                  Yes we are in the process of implementing Chilipiper and they are an amazing company to work with! They have taken every step to ensure that their solution works perfectly for our use case. This includes frequent video calls and development for our particular use case. Highly recommend them, especially considering their seamless Marketo integration (especially their instant web form booking tool).


                  Chilipiper is a game changer!



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                    Cassie Holmes

                    Thanks for all the feedback everyone - really helpful stuff. I think from what you've all said, they're definitely worth a look. I reckon we'll set up a demo in the near future to get started.





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                      Ruth Baucom

                      Chili Piper has some of the best service I've seen! I send my contact emails and often get a response within a couple minutes. Our Sales Team is excited about this tool. In our pilot, we've found success allowing existing leads to schedule a call, although we had less success attracting new leads to schedule a call as their first touchpoint. We have some more testing that's needed here, and I'm sure every industry is different.


                      Chili Piper keeps adding new features. Recently they released the ability for someone to chose to enter their phone number/info on the website and have a rep call them right away! Very cool stuff.


                      Some of the setup can be confusing or tedious depending on what you are accomplishing and how complex your business is, but we've been able to figure everything out with the help of the Chili Piper team.


                      We recommend it!