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    Safe to change channel's status step values?

    Marc Asmus

      I'm using a "Live Event" channel with statuses as shown below. I have a number of active programs using this channel.

      Because people who register for our live events sometimes later inform us that they will not attend, I want to be able to move people from the "Registered" status to the "Will Not Attend" status. I currently cannot do this because Marketo only allows people to progress to statuses with an equal or higher step value.


      To remedy, I'm considering changing the step value of the "Will Not Attend" to 20, so that it is equal to that of "Registered". My understanding is that this will allow me move people between the two statuses with equal step values.


      Question: Is it safe for me to make this change given that I have active programs using this channel? What negative impacts might I need to be wary of?