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Create multiple leads per Marketo person record

Question asked by 7beea51dd0acbb19bb6f5636d00a140eb725afb6 on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2019 by Frank Elley

Hi everyone,

Our CRM utilizes the full Microsoft Dynmaics lead cycle so when someone who is an existing person that has bought from us in the past returns to inquire about another purchase, a new lead is created.


An example of such flow has been documented here, under solutions 2:

MS Dynamics multiple leads per contact


Has anyone had any experience with hiring a third party consulting agency to help them set this up in the CRM? If so, around how many hours has this taken in your experience and if you can share the contact information of the company / agency you'd recommend, it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!