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    Create multiple leads per Marketo person record

    Sue Liang

      Hi everyone,

      Our CRM utilizes the full Microsoft Dynmaics lead cycle so when someone who is an existing person that has bought from us in the past returns to inquire about another purchase, a new lead is created.


      An example of such flow has been documented here, under solutions 2:

      MS Dynamics multiple leads per contact


      Has anyone had any experience with hiring a third party consulting agency to help them set this up in the CRM? If so, around how many hours has this taken in your experience and if you can share the contact information of the company / agency you'd recommend, it would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you!

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          Dan Stevens.

          Hi Sue - this was actually the foundation of my presentation/session at Marketo Summit this past year.  It's an approach that really doesn't align to either of the ones mentioned in the article you referenced.  Essentially what we do when an existing contact exists in CRM is create a duplicate lead in Marketo, sync it to CRM (we block the sync back to Marketo using the custom sync filter) and then delete the lead from Marketo.  Included with that lead is the "ParentContactID" (also called "Parent Contact for Lead" field) so that if/when the lead is qualified, it's merged into the existing contact (along with attaching that contact to the new opportunity record).


          Here's an illustration of the process:


          Custom fields were added to the contact entity; and custom workflows were built to ensure that Marketo can see the activity taking place on the lead record in CRM (since the lead record no longer exists in Marketo; and there is no sync).  This allows to utilize all of our standard processes - like the real time alerts - based on the action taken on the lead.  We have even created the first customized solution (for MS Dynamics) where we have swapped out the MSI iframe on the lead record and replaced it with the MSI iframe from the source contact record (since that's where all of the engagement history/insight exists).



          Here's the link to my presentation if you wish to learn more about it:



          The Marketing Nation Summit, April 23-26, 2017 – Marketo - Sessions

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              Sue Liang

              Hi Dan,

              So I think I understand what is happening.

              You're creating the duplicate in Marketo, then syncing it as a new lead to the CRM and then the lead is attached to the original contact the post-sync data can continuously be associated with this person for future use.


              I guess my main question is: how did you get Marketo to create the duplicate lead within Marketo? Not sure if I missed that in your documentation. Thank you so much!

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                  Dan Stevens.

                  Hi Sue.  Today, we're using a basic webhook to create that lead (super simple to use).  It's served us well.  But now that Marketo's infrastructure is changing, this approach may not be 100% reliable (since we call the webhook using an endpoint URL using "localhost").  We're currently looking at alternate approaches where the duplicate process will take place completely within CRM (e.g., based on a custom field value that CRM will listen for; and using a custom CRM workflow, the lead is created in CRM (again, not syncing back to Marketo using the custom sync filter). 

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