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    Incrementing a Score Field by the value in Another Field

      We've just implemented BrightTalk which populates an integer field for us with the actual minutes that someone spends watching an on-demand or live webinar. For example, BTLK Live Minutes Viewed. This is tantalizing because we actually have a Time Scoring program where the Time Score represents minutes. E.g, Time Score = 60 means 60 minutes. So it would be great if we could simply increment Time Score by the BTLK Minutes Viewed field. For example:


      SL Trigger:

      Data Value Changes: BTLK Live Minutes Viewed



      Change Data Value:

      Time Score->New Value = +{{lead.BTLK Live Minutes Viewed}}


      Alas, of course, you can't put "+" in front of token like that. It doesn't work.

      Can anyone think of a (relatively simple) way to accomplish the same thing?


      (Our fall back will be a series of flow steps along the lines of "If BTLK Live Minutes Viewed is between x and y, Time Score = +z". But it's frustrating to have the actual minutes and not be able to apply them in a program designed to count minutes).


      Thank you!