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Incrementing a Score Field by the value in Another Field

Question asked by 0cc12fa98f5147063795da446f97650d5da95259 on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by Grant Booth

We've just implemented BrightTalk which populates an integer field for us with the actual minutes that someone spends watching an on-demand or live webinar. For example, BTLK Live Minutes Viewed. This is tantalizing because we actually have a Time Scoring program where the Time Score represents minutes. E.g, Time Score = 60 means 60 minutes. So it would be great if we could simply increment Time Score by the BTLK Minutes Viewed field. For example:


SL Trigger:

Data Value Changes: BTLK Live Minutes Viewed



Change Data Value:

Time Score->New Value = +{{lead.BTLK Live Minutes Viewed}}


Alas, of course, you can't put "+" in front of token like that. It doesn't work.

Can anyone think of a (relatively simple) way to accomplish the same thing?


(Our fall back will be a series of flow steps along the lines of "If BTLK Live Minutes Viewed is between x and y, Time Score = +z". But it's frustrating to have the actual minutes and not be able to apply them in a program designed to count minutes).


Thank you!