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    Lead Scoring

    Brienne Edmonds

      Hey all:
      We are starting our lead scoring campaign and I was hoping to find some info on best practices in terms of SETTING IT UP:) I have found alot of infomration on what lead scoring is, how to do it in terms of putting a value to an action or attribute, but I have not found something on the actual look of a smart campaign for said scoring. Does anyone have something I could look at? Or would you be able to advise? Do you just create a ton of smart campaigns to go with each action - i.e. fills out form - then do that flow? then create another smart campaign like visits page and then do that flow? And when you do a flow do you choice 1 - ? or do you change score and do each action? Sorry if this is confusing haha! hopefully it will make sense to someone. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!