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    Using Salesforce Leads & Campaigns with Marketo

      The company I work for has created a highly customized instance of Salesforce which does not make use of the SFDC Lead or Campaign objects. In our system, when a "lead" is created it automatically creates an Account, Contact, Opportunity, and Case. Our tech team has customized the Marketo/SFDC sync so that all new information entered into Marketo is run through what we call the "scheduler," the original Marketo record is deleted, a Salesforce Contact is created (along with the Account and Opportunity), then the new SFDC Contact record is synced back to Marketo as a new Person record.


      So my questions are these:

      • What data is synced to the Campaign object from Marketo?
      • Is there a workaround that doesn't include the Campaign object?
      • Does the lack of Campaigns and Leads in our SFDC instance hinder the capabilities of Marketo?


      Thank you for your time and input! I appreciate your assistance.


      –Ian Plumlee

        • Re: Using Salesforce Leads & Campaigns with Marketo
          Josh Hill



          There's a great article on the sync today that summarizes years of knowledge. But to answer your questions

          • Campaign Object is read only on Marketo. As is the Campaign Member Object
            • Marketo can Create a new SFDC Campaign
            • Marketo can modify the Member Statuses if you leave a Campaign as default, but only when the SFDC Campaign is directly synced to a Program (not recommended).
            • Marketo can Add/Change/Remove Leads from a Campaign.
          • What workaround do you you need? You didn't mention anything related to campaigns other than you do not use them.
            • In Admin>Salesforce, you can disable Campaign sync, or you can just block the Marketo User from seeing it.
            • Why let your Marketo User see SFDC Leads? Not sure you need to do this.
            • There are ways to use Contacts only system. There are some tips floating around here. You'll need to setup a process to take net new records and attach properly via Marketo. Now, that *might* mean using SFDC Leads initially.
          • Impact of Non Use of SFDC Campaigns
            • depends how you leverage Attribution and tracking.
              • cannot do call down campaigns with sales (but I'm ok with that)
              • cannot use Primary Campaign Source
              • cannot use SFDC Campaigns with tracking/attribution
              • Use Marketo Programs to  manage attribution.
              • could use Custom Objects to deal with Channel-Offer tracking if you dont want to use Marketo Programs and RCE. Or you could combine them.
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