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Is it possible to run the smart campaign within 5 minutes via calling Schedule Campaign API?

Question asked by 1f40ca203298ea10d65e6e4d5d1a6314789a187e on Aug 30, 2017
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We are building the Marketo integration with external CMS system, and would like to trigger the email send from the external system. The behavior is that when a user press a button, we will call Schedule Campaign REST API to run the smart campaign to send the email, and would like the campaign can run immediately or within 1 minute. However, if we set the runAt parameter to be shorter than 5 minutes, Marketo still schedules the campaign after 5 minutes, so we have to wait at least 5 minutes for each trigger, and if we make the sequence of calls, we will wait (at least) several 5 minutes for all campaigns running.


And we do not want to use Request Campaign API, because passing lead ID is needed for this, that means we need to make another call to get the recipient list first.


Is it possible to run the campaign via API in shorter time or other alternatives to achieve this?


Thank you in advance.