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Documenting Email Send with "View as Webpage" link

Question asked by Katie Owens on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2018 by Jim Thao

I have a spreadsheet that I document every email I send out of Marketo, and then I share this with my colleagues so they can see the day the mail was sent, the subject line, and most importantly, click the "View as Webpage" link to see the actual mail. I have found that even though I follow the same steps each time, sometimes the link works fine and my colleagues can see the mail (even the updated version if it was since updated), but for other links, they get an error like "Cannot get email content- Email could not be found19627."


This is the process I follow:

1. Create mail, in bottom of mail I add: <a href="{{system.viewAsWebPageLink}}">View as Web Page</a>

2. Send myself a test, open the view as webpage link

3. Copy the url and paste it into my shared spreadsheet.


I am stumped as to why this works sometimes, for everyone, sometimes the link doesn't work for anyone (myself included), and sometimes I can view the mail, but a colleague cannot (muchkin issue?).


Does anyone have any other ideas / solutions for documenting emails? When this works, it works great. But it doesn't work often enough to make it a bad way to document the mails I send.


Here's a small screenshot of the spreadsheet I share with colleagues:

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 12.58.22 PM.png


Thank you for any insight!