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    Zapier Email Parser & Marketo Report Subscriptions

    Rachel Noble

      Hi team,

      I have a few reports I'm trying to automate. All the data is built through Marketo reports, but I need to manipulate it after the report is pulled and I'd like to do it in an automated fashion (the whole reason I'm in Marketing Automation am I right?). Anyway, I set up a few email parser inboxes with Zapier and subscribed my various Marketo reports to unique parser email addresses. I apologize in advance for all the screenshots!


      My reports generate emails that look like this:


      When I forward them to my parser inbox (and remove the forwarding info at the top), it shows up like this:


      This is great. I can parse this easily. However, when I change the report subscription to go directly to the parser address instead of forwarding it from my inbox, I get this:


      And that's it! Where did the rest of my email go? It's happening with all four subscriptions I set up. If any of you have any experience with this or any suggestions, I'm all ears!  Thanks!