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    Channel for Tradeshows

    Wolfgang Weinkum

      We are about to set up the channels for trade shows. Thoughts on to use following channels?


      Member of program


      No Show

      Visited booth


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          Andy Caron

          Here is what we use:




          No Show

          Visited Booth

          Attended Session



          We may not use all of them for every tradeshow, depending on what data we get from each tradeshow, but we have use cases for each one for most.


          Meeting to us means that they scheduling a meeting or consultation with us at the show or while at the booth for a time directly following the event.

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            Dan Stevens.

            We use the following:


            Note how we distinguish between "visited booth" (where they're probably most interested in just getting their badge scanned to receive some small promotional item) and "engaged" (where the user actually had a productive conversation that may lead to an opportunity.

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