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    Sales Insight Reporting



      Our organization recently rolled out MSI to our entire Sales Team, this was a significant investment, therefore we wanted to be sure we could monitor usage so that we had some way of proving ROI come review time next year.


      Before rolling out, we'd been running trials with various Sales Reps for about 9 months.  We know we can track usage of the 'send marketo email' action via the Sales Insight Email Performance Report, however, this is only one specific feature that we're able to monitor.  It's very difficult to understand the larger picture and get a sense of which users are adding records to watchlists, monitoring best bets, utilizing the lead feed, etc.  In order to address this issue it was extremely helpful to request the raw API data from Marketo Support.  Though it still doesn't get us exactly what we were looking for, it is very close and incredibly helpful for determining relative usage across our user base.


      You can see from below that we were now able to compare usage across MSI users and determine some of the actions they were taking, whether it be viewing MSI data for a lead, visiting best bets, creating an activity alert, etc.




      We'd been requesting and receiving this data multiple times over the past few months with no problems.  We'd requested and received this data from Support as recently as early July.  Unfortunately, over the past couple of weeks, we've hit a roadblock where Marketo is now stating that, "per our security policies, we are not able to provide an export of the raw API data for MSI".


      I'm wondering if anyone else has received this data in the past and currently having the same problem?  Alternatively, how are other people proving ROI of MSI if only limited to using the MSI Email Performance report?




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          Oh hey John Sterr!


          One way you can evaluate ROI is by creating a specific channel or tag for MSI emails/nurture/campaigns. When a sales rep sends a person an email via MSI, make the person a member of the program using the MSI channel or tag. When the person "opens sales email" or "clicks link in sales email" give them success. That way you are getting multi-touch attribution credit for MSI (as long as you're using opportunity contact roles and all that jazz).


          In that vein, you can also make certain campaigns specifically for MSI. If people become successful in those programs, you know it's because sales added their contacts to the campaign via MSI. You'll get MT credit there, too.


          As always, stories are powerful. Find a few anecdotes, get consistent feedback, and DON'T be married to the idea that MSI is good investment. Evaluate with an objective eye - sometimes sales just doesn't LOVE MSI and you have to go back to the drawing board.


          Also, before you go down the route of all of the above, outline what business outcomes you are expecting from implementing MSI. If it's something like "more strategic conversations with prospects," that will definitely require gathering feedback.


          P.S. I haven't had any clients ask for the RAW MSI data. That was pretty smart of you!

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              Hey there Jamie!  That's really helpful stuff, thank you!


              By creating a specific channel or tag for MSI, we'd certainly be able to get more detailed information around lead interaction with Sales Emails and MSI triggered campaigns, that's a very good idea.


              However, what I'm really after is our sales user interactions with MSI.  So with the MSI channel/tag we'd get more detailed lead interaction with MSI initiated emails/campaigns, something I'm certainly interested in, but with regards to sales users, we're still only limited to seeing how many emails they've sent (via the MSI email performance report).


              By using the MSI channel/tag solution, we'll be able to evaluate if the application is effective, but we're still limited in knowing how widely MSI is being adopted by our sales team.


              Would love to go to our leadership team and say MSI emails/campaigns are extremely effective AND 80% of sales users are taking advantage of MSI.  Your proposed solution certainly provides a ton of value with the former argument, but we still have no visibility into the latter.


              This is a big piece of the puzzle though, thanks so much Jamie!