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    Revenue Model Phases

      I am just finishing up building a Revenue Cycle Model and am wondering about how Marketo uses the "phases". I.e., How are they used in reporting? Our model contains both a prospect side of the model and a customer side for tracking cross-sell and upsell. In the section where it asks you to assign phases to detour stages, the available phases don't necessarily apply. The only options are these 5:


      And none of them make sense for the detour stage "Disqualified", on the prospect side. Nor do they particularly make sense for several stages on the Customer side such as "Lost Opp" (bear in mind, the people in this stage are still customers).


      So my question is, do these phase assignments matter? Is there some way they can bite me later on when I'm reporting on the model? (This is the first time I've built a model for a company that has Revenue Explorer so I haven't yet had a chance to familiarize myself in depth with the reporting available).


      Thank you!