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    Filtering based on character count

    Micaela Wright

      We'd like to do some filtering based on the character count of a field. For example, a person on our website fills out a form. If the "details" field is less than 10 characters, they are not qualified to talk to our sale team. We'd like to route it to support instead. Is there a way to do this within Marketo? Ideally we could do this using an "Add Choice" step.

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          Sanford Whiteman

          Natively in a Smart List, no. But on the form side, sure:


                meetsMinDetails : form.getValues().Details.length >= 10 ? 'yes' : 'no'


          (meetsMinDetails is a Boolean field in your instance.)


          Or you could use a webhook on the server to check.


          You could also set a min/max on a textarea field itself, but that might telegraph your rules too much. You want the person to organically have more to say.