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    Dynamic Content on website

    Luke Wilkinson

      I am in the process of making a new website and want to know if you can deliver both dynamic image and text content to users using Marketo's data.


      Has anybody had experience of this?


      And does anyone know if this impacts:


      • Time to load content
      • SEO


      My agency has said that they can deliver imagery quote easily  but not text as it will take 15 seconds to load different text to different users


      Thanks in advance



        • Re: Dynamic Content on website
          Robert Nicholson

          With the move to gcloud - I'd expect the time for dynamic content to speed up a LOT.

          regarding 15 seconds currently - that seems astonishingly slow - so I'd check with the implementation, it should be fairly quick to load content.


          In terms of SEO - google's coming across a lot of personalised content, with sitecore, hubspot etc all doing this - so i wouldnt say it will aversley affect SEO unless you have the meaning of the page very different according to the marketo personalisation. For example, if its a "what we do" page and you've just allowed for content focused on their industry, then the essential meaning and purpose of the page remains the same.


          hope that helps!