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    Subscription Center

    Tara Rowe

      Our subscription center is not working if we use a trigger. We originally had filled out web form xxxx as the trigger but that was not working. However if we batched it using the same filter it would work. Any suggestions. I have played with the filters to any, and all and advanced but still it will not pull in the information.

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          Jim Thao

          All of this put together looks like a race condition to me.


          If a record filled out a form to unsubscribe, it's a bad idea to use filters to query that new data on top of the trigger.  Everything is happening all at once and you're triggering and filtering off of that one event.   Instead, keep it simple.  Look for exactly that one thing, such as the form fill or the data value change (add the new value constraint to help you out if you need it).    Try to stay away from filtering on all of the activities that would happen in succession should a record unsubscribe (unless your doing a batch campaign and looking backwards).