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    Custom object bulk import via REST fails

      Quoting StackOverflow question - Marketo Bulk Import Custom Object - Fail with Error Code 1016 - Stack Overflow

      Experiencing exactly the same issue, looks like a bug - 1) I know for sure there are no more import jobs 2) Get the same message after couple of hours and/or different custom objects.

      Any ideas?

      Thank you.


      "I'm facing with Marketo Error code 1016 when I'm trying to import custom object data by using bulk import: http://developers.marketo.com/rest-api/lead-database/custom-objects/#bulk_import I'm using curl from the command line for testing:

      curl -X POST -i -F format=csv -F file=@custom_object_import.csv -F access_token=<Access Token> <REST API Endpoint URL>/bulk/v1/customobjects/car_c/import.json 

      And I got the error like:

      { "requestId":"xxxx", "success":false, "errors":[ { "code":"1016", "message":"There are 10 imports currently being processed. Please try again later" } ] } 

      I know it mean have many process is running, but I only create one import request for one file have one record only. I also check my account's permission, it could read/write custom object So, could you guys please help to advise me:

      1. Do I miss something?
      2. How could we know or check the running process on Marketo?"