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    CLARIFY: If Forms is a REST API, why does it use SOAP names?

    Robb Barrett

      In using the form.vals function for external forms, I was under the impression that it would use the REST API field names since it's a REST API. To get the function to work correctly, the SOAP field names need to be used. This is doin' me a confuse...can someone clarify why a REST API would use SOAP naming?


      Here's an example of working code:


      form.vals({"Phone":"{{lead.Phone Number}}",

                       "FirstName":"{{lead.First Name}}",

                       "LastName":"{{lead.Last Name}}",

                       "Company":"{{company.Company Name}}",

                       "Email":"{{lead.Email Address}}",


                       "Title":"{{lead.Job Title}}",



                       "PostalCode":"{{lead.Postal Code}}"



      And here are the field names, as exported:


      REST API NameSOAP API NameFriendly Label


      firstNameFirstNameFirst Name


      lastNameLastNameLast Name


      companyCompanyCompany Name


      emailEmailEmail Address




      titleTitleJob Title


      phonePhonePhone Number