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    Passing local tokens to requested campaign

    Matt Stone

      Is it possible to pass a program-specific token (e.g. {{my.Custom Program Title}}) to a campaign that exists outside the program, but has been requested from within the program? Here's a sample flow:

      1. Person fills out form
      2. Program "Form" has a triggered smart campaign called "Converted" that picks up the action and starts the flow
      3. Program "Form" has a local token called "Custom Program Title" with a value of "Cool Program"
      4. "Converted" has a flow step of Request Campaign that calls a smart campaign living outside of the program called "Last Program Conversion"
      5. "Last Program Conversion" has a change data value flow step to update the field "Last Conversion" to the value of {{my.Custom Program Title}}

      This is essentially the same as how you can use local tokens for emails that exist outside of the program they're sent through.